Producing Own Power


Today, more than ever, is the time to think of ways to be "energy empowered" by being less dependent from the grid or to pollutive, expensive diesel generators. Because  of  the  steadily  falling  costs  of  solar  power  equipment  and  the  short  amount  of  time  needed  to  complete such  installations,  solar  PV  systems  are  increasingly  becoming  popular  with households, businesses, and  industries  around the world. Whether for businesses or households, PSPA  encourages you to study the tremendous potential of using rooftops, car parks, and idle open spaces for generating solar power --- which can lead to electricity bill savings.

Solar power solutions are also now made easier to acquire, with more and more solar kits becoming available in the local market.  These kits can  readily  be used in  homes and commercial establishments  in  major urban  locations to mitigate the rising cost of electricity and to reduce operating expenses.According to a primer published by the GIZ,  A  typical  kit  can  displace  4-5  kW  of  electricity  a  day,  translating  to  a  savings  of  at  least  30  per  cent  of  monthly power bills. While the cost of a 1-kW grid-tied system amounting to about 200,000 pesos appears expensive today, the electricity offsets for seven years allow full recovery of the solar system. On the 8th year, savings generated from the 1-kW system provides additional money in the pocket of the consumers. By the beginning of the 9th year up to the 25th year, when the lifespan of a solar kit is fully expended, solar electricity provides economic relief.