Benefits of Solar

Benefits of Solar

Solar power  is  one  of  the  most  promising  sources  of  energy  and  its  share  in  the  global  energy  mix has  steadily increased over the past several years. In fact, it was another historic year for the solar sector in 2015 as it progressed remarkably with 25% growth from the previous year. Global cumulative installed capacity reached 256 gigawatts (GW) with at least 59 GW of newly-installed solar PV systems worldwide. The cumulative installation is, astoundingly, more than 10 times higher than in 2009.

For the Philippines, solar power provides sweeping benefits to the country, industries and businesses, and households.

1. Solar power creates an energy-secure Philippines

  • Harnessing  solar  power  is  one  way  to  decrease  dependence  on  the  increasing  and  volatile  prices  of  fossil fuels.

2. Solar power makes sense for consumers

  • Solar powerprovides an immediate solution to the country’s energy woes.  It is the only cost-effective technology that can be installed and commissioned in as short as a few weeks
  • Solar power displaces expensive power sourced from the grid and from diesel gensets 
  • Its cost is fixed over the life cycle of the installation (20 to 25 years)
  • Solar energy reduces the price of power sold at the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market

3. Solar power is flexible and modular

  • System can be sized and configured according to owner’s needs and  specifications
  • Design can be easily adapted to the desired look
  • Installation can be done in as fast as a month

4. No geographical limitations and raw material vulnerabilities

  • Sunlight is free and unlimited!

5. Provides zero carbon footprint, zero pollution, zero noise, and consistent with the sustainability goals of eco-conscious companies, households, and individuals

6. Solar power allows greater access to energy

The deployment of solar power systems in rural areas, particularly in far-flung, off-grid barangays, will not only give rise to new job opportunities, but will also allow families to extend their activities to the evening.

7. Solar power attracts investments and creates jobs

  • New  solar  power  deployments  also mean  new  investments  that,  in  turn,  will  result  in  millions  of      pesos  in  additional revenue for the government.